Streaming and Content policy

Screwtape Studios welcomes Agents to stream and showcase their Damsel game footage on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Facebook and other video sharing sites. You may use this artwork for thumbnails and to promote your videos featuring Damsel. If you do make a video featuring Damsel be sure to share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, our Discord server or email us the video at We may even share clips of your video to help you get more viewers!

Screwtape Studios still retains all rights to the ownership of Damsel assets (characters, images, music, sound effects etc.) and are to not be used without our written permission outside the specifications listed above.


Would you like to create content about Damsel?

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Or alternatively please email us at with your YouTube, Twitch, review website or other relevant accounts. Please note that we do check applications and we will contact you only through the verified email or communication channels provided with the YouTube/Twitch/other website.
 We apologise that we may be unable to fulfill all requests.



Damsel Logo


Damsel aiming
Damsel with grenade
Damsel sneaking
Damsel walking towards
Damsel with elite hacking skills
Damsel shooting a skull
Damsel stabbing

Other characters

Agent Swan
Scientist Dieode
Frightened Mort


Mort with Baton
Mort with Rifle
Mort with Rocket Launcher


The Upper Slums
The Production Line
The Black Market
The Back Alley
The Grand Dining Hall
The Warehouse
The Arcane Library
The Blood Farm
The Blood Baths