Brisbane, QLD. 4th June 2018 – Screwtape Studios is pleased to announce it has received a Game Development and Marketing Investment grant from Screen Queensland. These funds will support the release and marketing of their first PC/Console title, ‘Damsel’.

“Damsel is a faced-paced, arcade, platform game presented as a modernisation of classic arcade and platform games from the mid 80’s to the mid 90’s”. The grant will allow the company to hire multiple Queensland practitioners, including professionals new to the industry, to complete development of Damsel as well as fund the marketing for release on multiple platforms over a 6-month period. During this time approx $119,000 will also be injected back into the Queensland economy through local spending. Damsel has previously only been funded by Screwtape Studios and the team welcomes this investment partnership with Screen Queensland.


“We are so happy that Screen Queensland has stepped up to the plate with this fantastic funding opportunity. We could have moved our company out of the state a long time ago to have a better chance of securing grant investment, but Queensland is our home and we are very excited to be a part of what Screen Queensland is offering” Megan Summers – Producer

The Screen Queensland awards grants through a competitive application and review process.


About Screwtape Studios

Screwtape Studios is a small studio with big ambition. After several years developing mobile titles, they’re now making their debut PC/Console game, Damsel. The studio strives to create immersive, engaging, challenging entertainment for video game veterans and newcomers alike.

Screwtape Studios was founded in late 2010 by Megan Summers and Anthony Wood. Megan gained her experience at studios Pandemic Australia, THQ, and Krome Studios. Both Megan and Anthony have contributed to titles produced by Defiant Development, and as Screwtape Studios, have released five mobile titles, including the hit Bank Job released in 2013. The team made the move to PC/Console development in 2015.