DAMSEL EPISODE 3: Executive Incentives Press Release


BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – 1st July, 2019:Damsel, the vampire slaying arcade game from Screwtape Studios, hasadded its first free massive update on Steam® for Windows users. A Mac and Linux version will be released in the upcoming weeks. As an added bonus Damsel is available for 40% off during the Steam Summer Sale.

Called ‘Episode 3: Executive Incentives’, the update adds a coffin load of new content focusing on the third episode for players to enjoy. As the investigation of the vampire-owned Red Mist Beverage Corporation ramps up players will see Damsel visiting much larger and challenging locations from illegal blood farms to the intricate halls and basements of ancient castles. 

The new episode content consists of 25 new missions across 5 new arenas which can be played through the campaign or unlocked for arcade mode.  In between missions the story unwraps through comic panels which brings the dark cartoon world of Damsel to life. 

Leaderboards have been added for each mission showing the best score and best times, including functionality for cross-platform for the upcoming console versions.

Additionally there is an improvement to the game’s UI and menus to give a more comic vibe, as well as gameplay adjustments and bug fixes which can be found on the Steam Community page.    

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It has been quite humbling to hear players praise the unique dark comic aesthetic in Damsel, saidDavid GunnarssonUI and Comic Artist, Screwtape Studios. “The update should allow players to get further absorbed into the stories of Damsel.” 

A finalist for Independent Game of the Year and Australian Developed Game of the Year at the Australian Games Awards 2018, Damsel is available to play on PC, Linux and Mac via the Steam store. Damsel will be launching on console in Q3 2019.  

Damsel supports language options of English German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Japanese and Simplified Chinese,as well as an Open Dyslexic font option in game. 

In 2018 Damsel was a recipient of the inaugural Game Production and Marketing Investment grant by Screen Queensland, via a competitive application and review process. 

To keep up to date please visit Damsel’s official site, follow the game on Twitter, like it on Facebook, and join us on Discord. 


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About Screwtape Studios 

Screwtape Studios is a small studio with big ambition. After several years developing mobile titles, they're now making their debut PC/Console game, Damsel. The studio strives to create immersive, engaging, challenging entertainment for video game veterans and newcomers alike.  

Screwtape Studios was founded in late 2010 by Megan Summers and Anthony Wood. Megan gained her experience at studios Pandemic Australia, THQ, and Krome Studios. Anthony has ported several games from PC to console. Both Megan and Anthony have contributed to titles produced by Defiant Development, and as Screwtape Studios, have released five mobile titles, including the hit Bank Job released in 2013. The team made the move to PC/Console development in 2015. 

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