When is Damsel coming out for Steam?

Damsel is currently available now in Early Access for Steam for PC agents (players). You can check it out here.

When is Damsel releasing for Mac and/or Linux?

Damsel is currently only for PC, however we will be releasing versions for Mac and Linux. At this stage we don't have a specific day unfortunately - but follow us on Facebook or Twitter and we'll be sure to post when.

Is Damsel coming to console / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One?

At the moment we cannot announce anything but let us know on Facebook or Twitter what you would like to play Damsel on. We would love for agents to be able to play on their preferred current console of choice.

When is Damsel entering full release / leaving Early Access?

We expect Damsel to only be in Early Access for a few months - likely will release Q2 of 2018. However game development can have a few hiccups in the process.

How can I contact Screwtape Studios?

You can contact and connect with us in a multitude of ways -  visit our Contact Us page for more information.

I'm a reviewer/YouTuber/content creator - can I have a free key please?

We would absolutely love for more agents to play and enjoy Damsel. However we are checking credentials to ensure that our keys are given out to the right people. You can find more information on our Content Creators page.