High Score Tips and Tricks

So, you want to win that $500 worth of prizes in our High Score Competition? Damsel may appear simple, but getting those high scores takes a little planning and an understanding of how each mission works. Here’s some general tips to help you git gud 🙂

Speed is key.

The first thing to remember is, you’ll get more points for going fast. Each objective has a base score that’s awarded to you when you clear it. The base score goes down the longer the objective remains in play. This means that the longer you hesitate to take out that enemy, the less points you’ll receive.


Damsel challenges your concentration by giving you multiple things to do at once. Doing things one at a time is fine, but doing multiple things at once will send your scores through the roof. Try activating a time bomb and not disarming it till you’ve taken out a couple of enemies, for each one you’ll get a “Time Bomb Kill” bonus that multiplies your score!

Collect those skulls.

The speed skulls that exist around the map can send your score soaring. Keep that skull combo alive and it will have an affect on everything else you do.

Be Accurate.

You’ll get a million points for getting 100% accuracy. It’s a great way to put yourself at the front of the pack.

Plan your attack.

Without getting into the math, because of the crazy amount of bonuses that get applied to your run, you’ll want to get to the biggest scoring elements first, do things in the wrong order and you could lose out on some precious points.

Oh and make sure you leave enough time to do the optional challenges, they can really help too.


Try taking out enemies in different ways, how many can you kill without touching the ground? Can you hack or rescue perfectly, there’s extra points to be found all over the place.


That’s a small taste of the many ways that you can make Damsel cause distress. Don’t forget to send us your videos and high scoring runs!

Have fun playing Damsel!

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