BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – [24th January]: Damsel, the vampire slaying arcade game from Screwtape Studios, has added ten extra language options to the game. These options include French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese – Brazil, Simplified Chinese, Spanish – Spain and Latin America, Turkish and Russian.

These language options will reflect the chosen language for the in game user interface, menu options and the campaign comic panels.

“We've absolutely loved the support we have been getting from our players“ said Kayden "Kaydos" Walsh, Community Manager, Screwtape Studios. “With adding extra language support we expect more players to enjoy Damsel and become a part of our growing community.” 

In December 2018 Damsel was a double finalist for the Australian Video Game Awards for the categories of 'Independent Game of the Year' and the 'Australian Developed Game of the Year'.

Damsel will be releasing early in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.        

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About Screwtape Studios 

Screwtape Studios is a small studio with big ambition. After several years developing mobile titles, they're now making their debut PC/Console game, Damsel. The studio strives to create immersive, engaging, challenging entertainment for video game veterans and newcomers alike. 

Screwtape Studios was founded in late 2010 by Megan Summers and Anthony Wood. Megan gained her experience at studios Pandemic Australia, THQ, and Krome Studios. Anthony has ported several games from PC to console. Both Megan and Anthony have contributed to titles produced by Defiant Development, and as Screwtape Studios, have released five mobile titles, including the hit Bank Job released in 2013. The team made the move to PC/Console development in 2015. 

Media Contact 

Kayden Walsh
PR and Marketing Manager – Screwtape Studios

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