Damsel Road To Release Announcement

We are excited to announce that Damsel is entering the final phase of Early Access and will be transitioning to full release on Steam soon.

We would love to thank everyone that has supported us so far – those who have reviewed, streamed, given feedback, played and enjoyed the game, you all rock! We also want to thank our friends and family, without who there wouldn’t even be a game to play. It has been a long journey of over three years and we are excited for this moment to come.

As part of transitioning into full release we’re increasing the price of Damsel. We believe the full price represents great value, and you won’t be disappointed with the content the game has to offer. From 10th September, the regular price of Damsel will be USD$19.99 (or your local equivalent). If you have Damsel on your wish list (or even if you don’t) and want to grab it for its current price of USD$9.99 - now is the perfect opportunity!

There’s also some content that we haven’t added yet that we hope you’ll enjoy. By the time Damsel reaches full release the game will include:

  • Dozens of beautiful, hand drawn, comic book cut scenes that tell the story of Damsel's bloody brush with the Red Mist Corporation.
  • Full translation into the following languages:

German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Korean, Japanese and Simplified Chinese

During this time, we’ll also be working on optimising, fixing bugs, and balancing gameplay to ensure that you have the best Damsel experience.

Thanks for your continued support!

The Screwtape Team

❤ ❤