Patch Notes – Graf (

Agents, the DSA has uploaded a new build of Damsel that addresses the following:

Game Improvements

  • Projectile logic updated to be more robust.
  • Projectile and Hazard hit effects updated to include impact velocity.
  • Camera hitbox size doubled.
  • Black Widow logic rewritten based on gameplay observation.
  • Enemies no longer attack while player is in a ‘Knockdown’ state.
  • Enemy rocket speed reduced.
  • Executive plasma ball speed reduced.
  • Executive aiming accuracy made fuzzy.
  • Episode two arcade mode added.
  • Weekly challenge arcade mode added.
  • Arcade leaderboards now visible on arcade menu screen.
  • Checkpoints and Checkpoint enemy placement improved.
  • Projectiles now destroy themselves when not on screen.
  • Enemies will refuse to fire when not on screen.
  • Projectile ranges removed, all shots including Damsels will travel until leaving the screen.
  • When in range of a black widow at her death will now remove all extra life earned.
  • Options panel now more responsive to controller input. Still not perfect though.
  • Update color of some ladders to make them more visible.
  • Main menu layout modification.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug where lasers don’t harm player.
  • Fix bug where uvshot trails are visible before firing.
  • Fix direction of rain on The Rooftops.
  • Remove some particle systems that were causing performance issues.
  • Fix bug causing enemies to become unresponsive during melee attacks.
  • Address bug causing black screen when a checkpoint is destroyed during ‘upload’.

Known Issues

  • Attacks are sometimes effective from below platforms.
  • No tutorial for dealing with the Beam Mort in mission ‘Server Room’ (If it shoots you, you have to kill it before getting your shots back)
  • UI does not update correctly when shot by a Beam Mort.
  • ‘Arcade’ button is highlighted by default on main menu, should be ‘Campaign’.
  • Campaign does not yet show story cutscenes.
  • Minigame UI graphics are incomplete.
  • Current mission objective does not display on UI.

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