Patch Notes – Graf (

Agents, the DSA has uploaded a new build of Damsel that addresses the following:

Game Improvements

  • Modify speed skull combo timers to give a little more time.
  • Added modal tutorials for some mechanics.
  • Removed metaskulls from the game, now just collect as many skulls in a single combo!
  • UI rearrangement to place combo meter closer to score.
  • Dashing through enemies now spawns more collectable skulls, get that score even higher.
  • Temporarily reduce the number of projectiles fired by the tier two executive.
  • Update UI for some minigames, not final.
  • Simplify post mission UI.
  • Change graphics on mission failed UI.
  • Update mission selection screen to remove references to metaskulls.
  • Remove requirement to start episode two missions, but play episode one for practice first.
  • Add scoring for skull combos (50,000 points per skull in max combo earned)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug where bones and rockets are hard to shoot.
  • Fix bug where damsel will cause damage upon contact with any element in the game.
  • Fix bug where indicator light on security cameras don’t flash on player detect.
  • Fix bug where enemies do not play animations at the edges of the screen.
  • Fix bug where checkpoints destroyed after mission fail causes a black screen.
  • Fix bug where shooting through floors is possible (again)
  • Fix behind the scenes bug with pause system causing items to fall out of sync.
  • Fix bug where Damsel could clip a platform during a dash (mostly)

Known Issues

  • No tutorial for dealing with the Beam Mort in mission ‘Server Room’ (If it shoots you, you have to kill it before getting your shots back)
  • UI does not update correctly when shot by a Beam Mort.
  • ‘Arcade’ button is highlighted by default on main menu, should be ‘Campaign’.
  • Campaign does not yet show story cutscenes.
  • Minigame UI graphics are incomplete.
  • May still be able to clip platforms during dash, but greatly reduced.
  • The hostage rescue canvas sometimes draws wrong. Just mash that button while we work on a fix.

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