Patch Notes – Spike (

Agents, the DSA has uploaded a new build of Damsel that addresses the following:

Game Improvements

  • Increase to rate of fire on shotgun.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue causing enemies to fail to enter death state.
  • Fix timing issue on enemy state change.
  • Update accuracy text on mission complete screen to remove ambiguity when no shots are fired.
  • Fix bug where mission high score would sometimes not appear on mission select screen.
  • Fix scaling issue with enemy health indicators when played in 4k.
  • Fix bug preventing enemy kills to be registered.
  • Reduced size of projectile hit areas to allow more accurate firing.
  • Fix bug where bombs don’t cleanly deactivate on mission reset.
  • Fix bug where damsel clips along platforms and slides along them.
  • Fix bug where damsel can infinitely jump up a wall.
  • Fix bug where damsel floats below ceilings.
  • Fix bug where damsel can get stuck in her knockdown state.

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