Patch Notes – Spike (

Agents, the DSA has uploaded a new build of Damsel that addresses the following:

Game Improvements

  • Damsel can now melee in midair.
  • Destroying a power station now destroys all electric nodes.
  • Being melee hit by an enemy now only stuns and does not apply damage.
  • Skies now appear in outdoor missions (and they’re beautiful)
  • It now rains on The Rooftops.
  • Reduce hostages collider size to make them a little safer. (You monsters will still kill them)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug that causes some enemies to remain in play after they were killed.
  • Fix bug where hacking games do not pause when game is paused.
  • Fix bombs still counting down when game is paused.
  • Fix misnaming of mission 21, ‘Counter Intelligence’.
  • Fix bug occasionally preventing uv shots from colliding with props.

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