Update Notes – Graf (

Agents, the DSA has uploaded a new build of Damsel that addresses the following:

This update is the transition from Early Access phase one (Spike) to Early Access phase two (Graf).
There is currently no access to arcade for chapter two (unless you continue from the end of chapter one) this will be added in the next update.

Game Improvements

  • 25 new missions.
  • 5 new arenas.
  • New enemy types (Black Widow, Redded Enemies, Black Executive, Electric Mort)
  • New mission type – Defend the checkpoint.
  • Reload speed increases when reaching a new skull level in a mission.
  • Chargers now only move Damsel around the arena, rather than taking a hit point.

Bug Fixes

  • Many, many, many bug fixes.
  • Many optimisations.

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