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Super Stylish

Fight through a mind blowingly detailed environment with super smooth animations and some of the best art you've ever seen in an indie game.

Arcade Action

Smash high scores by taking out enemies and rescuing hostages with flair!  Tight, responsive controls make it easy to pull off satisfyingly complex moves that make it easy for everyone to play.

Intriguing Story

Race across the world uncovering a corporate conspiracy put in motion by the upper echelons of the vampire elite.

Fight Like A Girl

Damsel is a frenetic arcade platformer set in a dark, pulpy, cartoon world.

Use Agent Damsel's incredible agility, wooden stake, and UV shotgun to climb the corporate ladder and unravel a global vampire conspiracy.

Damsel is made up of 75 bite sized missions across 15 stunning locations, where you'll rescue hostages, hack computers, decommission vampire tech, and of course help the immortal hordes see the light.



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Damsel will be available digitally for PC, Mac, and Linux.

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