Damsel - Launch Trailer | Steam


Damsel has now been localised into ten new languages!

Smash the Vampirarchy

Enter a fully realised comic book world and help Damsel take on Red Mist, the powerful vampire corporation that’s adding a new (and illegal) ingredient to their popular vampire drink. Uncover the secrets of the new recipe and stop the corporation from achieving their ultimate plan, the total dominance of vampires on Earth!


Super Stylish

Fight through mind blowingly detailed environments with super smooth animations and some of the best artwork you've ever seen in an indie game.


Arcade Action

Smash high scores by taking out enemies and rescuing hostages with flair!  Tight, responsive controls make it easy to pull off satisfyingly complex moves that make it easy for everyone to play.


Wicked World

Race across the world, visiting locations such as the red market and the arcane library, uncovering a corporate conspiracy put in motion by the upper echelons of the vampire elite.

Damsel with elite hacking skills

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