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Screwtape Studios is a small studio with big ambition. After a number of years developing mobile titles, we're now making our debut PC/Console game, Damsel. We strive to create immersive, engaging, challenging entertainment for video game veterans and newcomers alike.

The People

Special Agent Megan Summers

Production and Quality Assurance

Twitter: @missmeggss

Last year Meg hit 10 years in the industry, officially making her old. Megan began her Games Career in Quality Assurance at Pandemic Australia, and moved through the studio system in Brisbane until 2010 with the close of THQ OZ. Megans' skills are in Production, Quality Assurance and design, as well as running the business side of Screwtape Studuios. Megan also continues to freelance as a QA Tester on Indie titles such as Hand of Fate 1 and 2 from Defiant Development.

Special Agent Anthony Wood

Design and Programming

Twitter: @TheAntWood

Anthony Wood has been in the games industry for 7 years, spending most of his time as the Lead Programmer and Creative Director at Screwtape Studios, where he has worked on 5 mobile titles as well as contributing to the hit games Ski Safari: Adventure Time and Hand of Fate for Defiant Development. As Co-Founder, Anthony spends a lot of time wearing many hats; contributing to marketing, financials, administration, tech support, and many other areas vital to the survival of the studio.

Communications Operative Kaydos

Marketing, PR and Communications

Kaydos (if that's even his real name) has just recently entered the games industry using his marketing skills and knowledge to assist Brisbane Indie Game Developers. He has been passionate about video game his entire life - but don't get him started on JRPGs or PS1 games.

Gareth Pavlich

Level Design

Twitter: @BigStompyRobot

Gareth is a veteran of the Australian games industry, with almost 10 years of experience doing everything from quality assurance, to design, to project management. He got his start in the industry working on a sadly cancelled open-world superhero PS3/360 game with Meg, before moving on to develop numerous releases of the Train Simulator series for PC and the Dead on Arrival series on mobile, amongst other things. He's now busy being a corporate sell-out, but still finds time to compete in the occasional game jam. He's not an artist - though he thinks he is 😉

Nick McKergow


Instagram: _popyea_

Nick has been animating in a traditional hand drawn style for 7 years, using Flash to create animations for games and short films. He has worked in multiple roles at multiple companies from Art/Animation Lead to character and combat design. Nick loves 2d animation! He started teaching himself as a hobby first year of high school. He also love games. Especially Japanese action games or stuff by Nintendo.

Dave Collinson


Instagram: Davecollinsonart

Dave has been working in the games industry for the past 7 years. He has worked on several mobile games and recently started working on PC titles. Working for smaller studios, Dave has had to work in most aspects of the creative side to game development. He's produced concept art and 2D in game assets, as well as promotional material and UI art. He also have animation experience, mostly with puppet style tools such as After Effects and Unity's 'puppet 2d' plugin.

David Gunnarsson


Instagram: DavidThorArt

David is a Comic Book Artist, Concept Artist and Illustrator who has been working in the drafting industry for multiple years. His skills have been bought over to video games beautifully.

Dan Sugars


Website: Dan Sugars Audio

Over the last 13 years Dan has been a professional music producer, sound engineer and composer, currently spending most of his time producing music for computer games, film and recording artists.

Dan applies a very contemporary approach to his composition and production and incorporates digital and analogue technology and workflows to achieve interesting and unique music and sound design. He is passionate about creating immersive audio that enhances the connection and impact of the visual experience.

James Hewson and Davide Carbone

Sound Design

Website: Samplify

S:amplify is a multiple award-winning music production house formed by Davide Carbone and Josh Abrahams who have collectively been producing and composing music since the late 1980s.

S:amplify has recently enter the game arena with the recent release of fantastic Robot Circus' Tactical, Puzzle, RPG, Ticket to Earth.

Agents in Training

Ash Stevens, Ash Muir and Liam Harvey

Special Thanks

Mark Hansen, Anya McNaughton, Morgan Jaffit, Dan Treble and Kim Allom

In Loving Memory

Phillip and Annette Summers

Developed with the Assistance of Screen Queensland

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Damsel is proudly supported by Screen Queensland and the Queensland Government.