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Damsel is set in a dark cartoon universe where vampires and humans live in a fairly unstable co-existence. The vampires in the game all work for the multinational company which manufactures the drink Red Mist, the number one selling vampire drink on the planet. Red Mist is a blood analogue that satiates the vampire thirst without a need for human donors.

Prompted by a tip-off that the makers of Red Mist may have a “secret menu” containing drinks with real human blood destined for the highest bidders, Damsel, an agent for the Department of Sanguinarian Affairs (DSA) is called in to investigate, and if required, put a stop to any illegal activity.

Spoiler alert: It’s required.

Aided by her handler and friend, Swan, as well as Die-ode, DSA scientist and tech geek, Damsel uncovers a lot more than just the packaging of some human blood. By the end of her adventure she will have caused plenty of distress for the makers of Red Mist and the vampire elite that demands it’s manufacture.





DSA Special Agent Damsel is a walking masterclass in vampire slaying. Armed with her ultravoilet shotgun 'Ra', and deadly wooden stake she is more than prepared to make redundant the hordes of mindless, corporate vampires.



No one saves the world alone! Keeping her up to date on all things fang related is Swan, Damsel's trusted friend and handler. Providing intelligence and tracking objectives is what Swan does best, and with her help Damsel is unstoppable.



Hacker extraordinaire Die-ode (It's his gamertag) is on the case, helping Damsel crack the code and break into all the vampire tech. An RnD guru, Die-ode knows the best ways to eliminate the enemy, and will keep track of all your stylish moves.


Damsel will have to face off against a variety of vampires as she seeks to uncover the truth about the Red Mist. There have also been rumours of vampires that are a bit more 'decayed' as well as completely different types not yet discovered that might pose an even more serious threat.



The most numerous enemy is the Mort, the not-too-bright but often deadly employee of the organisation. They’ll beat you with batons, fire at you with machine guns and rockets, and, using state of the art technology, disable your weapon entirely, forcing you to get up close and personal in order to take them out.



While he may look feeble, the ancient Elder has a collection of deadly bones that he won’t hesitate to throw at you.


The Charger

The Charger is the massive “Mort on ‘roids”, he doesn’t have a gun, but he can run very fast and won’t stop until he knocks you off your feet.


The Executive

The Executive is as deadly as she is efficient. Levitating above the ground, she sends devastating balls of plasma in your direction as soon as you’re spotted. You’ll need to be quick on your feet to take her out.

Complete the objective

Each mission requires you to complete a single objective, like diffusing all bombs, hacking computers for intelligence or of course vanquishing all vampires!

However Damsel is more about...

Damsel with elite hacking skills

Getting those high scores

Earn Massive Points!

While completing the main objective collecting the Speed Skulls before the skull timer runs out will net you massive points and provide agents the true challenge.

You will need to master double jumps, wall jumps, dashes and much more to collect them all for the biggest gains in score.

Plus Bonus Points!!

Also within each mission are multiple bonus objectives, like rescuing hostages and destroying all the coffins, and completing them all will result in much bigger scores.

Hostage and coffin

And Even More Points!!!

And score even more points by performing skillful actions like kill streaks, prolonged aerial combat, tricking enemies into taking each other out or tricking them into taking out your objectives, deflecting rockets and bones, executing perfect hacks and rescues and much more. Do you have what it takes to earn a top spot in the Hall of Fame?